MarkBungeMark Bunge has a diverse portfolio and client base, including electoral politics, organized labor, corporate and institutional clients, state and national policy, media organizations, and nonprofits.

After eight years in Hart Research’s DC headquarters, Mark launched the firm’s California operations in 2006.  He has directed scores of surveys and focus groups throughout the state, accumulating a deep understanding of California’s political dynamics and diverse population.

Mark has led polling efforts for federal, state, and local candidates, and numerous ballot campaigns, including the research to develop California’s Prop 30—the first statewide tax measure to pass in a generation.

In the policy arena, Mark has focused on fiscal policy, education (from pre-K through higher ed), healthcare, gaming, energy, and labor.

Mark is one of the leading pollsters for organized labor in America, directing projects for the AFL-CIO, SEIU, the UAW, the California Teachers Association, and many local unions.

Mark is a magna cum laude graduate of James Madison University and a pioneer in Democratic voter microtargeting.  He spends his free time in the Sierra Nevada mountains, skiing, climbing, falling off his mountain bike, and volunteering with community organizations to protect open space and promote mountain safety.

Sam Caywood is assistant to Mark Bunge.