Message Development and Refinement

The themes, language, imagery, proof points, and tone we use to create a message have a profound impact on an audience’s response. Through rigorous message development and testing, we identify the most powerful message frames and the most promising target groups to create effective communications and outreach strategies for our clients.


Brand Development and Exploration

In a crowded marketplace, companies and organizations must establish a brand that is authentic, unique, and relevant. We help our clients distinguish their mission, their products/goods, and their services to tell their story in a meaningful and compelling way.


Policy Advocacy

A core aspect of our work is helping clients identify and communicate policy goals and objectives to targeted constituencies, often spurring various forms of activism supporting those goals. We have directed hundreds of these types of studies, talking to constituents, policy influencers, and policymakers on topics ranging from environmental protection to child welfare to civil rights.


Ad Testing

The best ads make an emotional connection to change attitudes and/or behaviors. We identify which advertisements—including videos, message statements, print materials, and message concepts—elicit the strongest reactions from our clients’ key target audiences.


Member Engagement and Communication

Few firms have our experience talking to members and affinity groups about their attitudes and attachment to organizations. We help organizations understand current and prospective members’ priorities, expectations, and satisfaction to better meet their needs and tailor their communications to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Public Release Surveys

Hart Research has a well-earned industry-wide reputation for constructing surveys and providing groundbreaking analyses that make news and incite productive discussions. We have conducted research for several media outlets, including for NBC News and The Wall Street Journal since 1989, as well as publicly released projects for CNBC, the MacArthur Foundation, and The Pew Charitable Trusts, to name just a few.