Annie Norbitz

Vice President

Annie Norbitz

Annie Norbitz is a vice president at Hart Research. She joined the firm in 2012 and practices an array of both qualitative and quantitative methods on a broad range of topics, including healthcare, education, climate, racial justice, labor issues, and voting rights. She has an extensive background in progressive politics, having worked directly on several campaigns and with numerous allied organizations, party committees, and independent expenditures. Additionally, she has a keen interest in voter mobilization and has partnered with several clients to better understand how to engage new voters in the political process in order to build a diverse and enduring progressive electorate. Finally, she has for the past several years been part of the research team conducting ongoing work on behalf of the voter-centric progressive advocacy organization Priorities USA.

Annie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in communication and public service, and was the recipient of the George Gerbner Award for Best Senior Honors Thesis in the communication department. She is a RIVA-trained focus group moderator. Annie is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jessica Mason is Annie Norbitz’s research associate.

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