CAP Action Poll: Battleground State Voters Want Dem Check and Balance on GOP Agenda

On behalf of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, Hart Research conducted a telephone survey in late December, 2016, among 1,206 voters across 14 key battleground states in which Democrats will be defending US Senate seats in 2018. We found that voters across these battleground states—including in red states that voted for Trump by large margins—want Democrats in the Senate to act as an independent check and balance on President-elect Donald Trump, not just go along with his agenda.

In fact, despite the fact that many of them voted for him, these voters continue to be ambivalent toward Trump and have major qualms about several integral parts of Trump’s and the Republican’s proposed agenda. First and foremost of these is healthcare, an issue around which voters widely oppose several prominent GOP policies—from curtailing Medicare and Medicaid, to slashing funding for Planned Parenthood, to repealing ACA without a replacement. What’s more, the president-elect and his allies are out of step with voters on a number of core Republican economic policies related to wages, taxes, and regulations. And, although voters clearly want him to “drain the swamp” and clean up corruption in Washington, they are concerned about Trump mixing his roles in business and government and appointing people with the wrong priorities to his cabinet.

Read the full report here.

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