Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools

Throughout the past year, Hart Research has collaborated with Civic Enterprises on a groundbreaking report to uncover the many challenges faced by youth who experience homelessness in our country, as well as the educators tasked with helping them navigate this difficult time in their lives. The report delves into the full range of obstacles faced by both groups, from initial identification of homeless students within our schools, to providing them with the many services and supports—both tangible and emotional in nature—required to give them the tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Through many conversations with currently homeless youth around the United States, an innovative quantitative survey among 158 young adults who experienced homelessness during their K-12 school careers, focus groups with state- and district-based education professionals who work with homeless students, and a quantitative survey among 504 McKinney-Vento district liaisons, Hart Research and Civic Enterprises not only were able to identify some of the myriad challenges faced by these students, but to shine a light on their struggles and provide recommendations for a path forward to ensure that these strong, resilient young people are able to achieve the success they are capable of and deserve.

Read the full report here.