Key Takeaways from April/May 2019 NBC/WSJ Survey

For those who thought the release of the Mueller Report would collapse Donald Trump’s job rating and open the floodgates toward impeachment, it did not.  For those who were hoping that the public would view the Report as a vindication of Donald Trump and that robust economic numbers would send Trump’s ratings soaring, they did not.

More Americans report hearing about the Mueller Report than did so before its full release, but they are still not following it at high levels compared with other major events. While Americans are paying more attention to the Report than they were a month ago, other issues are more front and center. Trump has not been negatively affected by the Mueller Report’s release, though the proportion who are favorable to him running for president remains low and steady.  His job rating on the economy continues to outperform his overall job rating.  But despite this, his signature economic accomplishment, tax reform, remains underwater. Healthcare rises above other issues, as was the case in 2018.  And Obamacare remains a net positive.

Looking ahead to 2020, voters’ interest in the election is on par with what we typically find in October of an election year, with equally high interest among both Democrats and Republicans.  Related, many Americans are worried about a foreign country interfering in our elections, and most have low confidence in our ability to prevent this interference.

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