Key Takeaways from August 2019 NBC/WSJ Survey

Four years ago, the NBC/WSJ poll documented a deep and boiling nationwide anger engulfing our political system.  Today, with a very different political leader in place, that anger still exists at the same level. While economic satisfaction has improved, a majority of Americans remain anxious about their economic circumstances. And most have doubts that the next generation will have a better life than Americans enjoy today. One factor contributing to this dreary outlook is that nearly three in 10 households report that someone at home has at least $20,000 in student loan debt.

Americans also are re-evaluating what matters most. Compared with data collected in 1998, Americans today place less importance on religion and having children, but greater importance on community involvement. And on these and several other measures there are huge generational gaps.

Americans continue to believe that race relations are bad, a view that also was expressed in Obama’s second term, but a majority of Americans also believe that race relations have gotten worse since Donald Trump became president.

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