Key Takeaways from December 2019 NBC/WSJ Survey

Much like views on Donald Trump, views on Donald Trump’s impeachment remain locked in place, with most Americans having made up their mind both on Trump and the impeachment investigation a long time ago.

As the House votes to send their findings to the Senate, the case will be met by a very evenly divided upper chamber, much like the country. On impeachment, the public remains divided, 48% support impeachment and removal, 48% believe he should remain in office, within the margin of error from the late October NBC/WSJ survey. And nearly seven in 10 Americans are firm in their beliefs, with 25% believing that Donald Trump has not done anything wrong, and a much larger 44% holding the view that even before his fateful phone call with the Ukrainian president, his actions were cause for impeachment.

On the policy front, more than seven in 10 Americans support a public option to buy into the Medicare program, while support for Medicare for All is 44%.  Two in three Americans believe that action needs to be taken on climate change (67%) and 59% say that the federal government is not doing enough to address it.

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