Key Takeaways from October 2021 NBC Survey

While Democrats in Washington have debated what Build Back Better means in the halls of Congress, their standing across the country, along with that of President Biden, has eroded.  The survey reveals that attitudes toward COVID-19’s decline are surging, attitudes toward the president and party in power have headed in the opposite direction.  Yes, views on COVID have improved, and we once again seem to be turning the corner on another wave, with vaccination rates and eligibility increasing (though much as they did for themselves when vaccines first became available, many parents of younger children are taking a wait-and-see approach).  But the economic crisis has not receded, and we are experiencing community spread with concerns about the economy overall, and now, inflation growing.  A year out from the midterms, there is time, but if there is not a fundamental change on the economic front, there is danger ahead for Democrats next November.

More concerning for the country is that while overwhelming majorities of Democrats (93%) and independents (71%) still believe that President Biden won the election legitimately, just 22% of Republicans share this view, and instead refuse to accept the certified election results by embracing repeatedly rejected and disproven conspiracy theories.

Some Other Key Findings from the Poll:

  • Preference for Congress: 47% Democratic-controlled, 45% Republican-controlled
  • By 42% to 28% Americans believe that the Supreme Court is too conservative rather than too liberal

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