Livia Baer-Bositis

Senior Analyst


Livia Baer-Bositis, an analyst at Hart Research Associates, has over eight years of research experience.  She earned her MA in sociology from Stanford University and BA in biology from Northwestern University.  Livia will soon also receive her PhD in sociology from Stanford University, with research specialties in gender, social psychology, and organizational behavior. 

Livia has extensive training and experience completing both qualitative and quantitative research, as well as applying causal inference methods using a combination of advanced statistical, quasi-experimental, and experimental design approaches.  She has expertise in statistical analysis, including in multiple regressions, modelling discrete choice and count outcomes, propensity score matching, and mediation and moderation analysis. 

Before joining Hart Research in 2022, Livia was in graduate school at Stanford University and served as a research and teaching assistant for various faculty members.  Projects with Stanford faculty have covered wide-ranging topics such as immigration, race and ethnicity, populism and political sociology, and medical sociology.  Co-authored articles from these collaborations have been published in PNAS, Current Opinion in Psychology, and Social Psychology Quarterly.

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