Alexander Retsch-Bogart

Data Analyst

Alexander Retsch-Bogart is a data analyst at Hart Research.  He manages a wide variety of survey data tabulation and execution using specialized programming, scripting, and data aggregation tools, and employs his troubleshooting, keen organization, and communication skills.

Alex has been with Hart Research since 2009.  He has been responsible for working on the company’s corporate brand tracking surveys, one of which has continued for the past six years.  By working on these extensive and long-term projects, Alex has honed his skills in working with large datasets and aggregating historical data, allowing our team to extract valuable insights for our clients.

He graduated from Elon University with a BA in communications. After 15 years in Washington DC, he now resides in Hillsborough, North Carolina. He enjoys the outdoors, golf, thrifting, the arts, and spending time with his family around North Carolina.