Corrie Hunt, PhD


Corrie Hunt, PhD, is a partner at Hart Research. Over her 12+ years at Hart, she has led projects across a wide range of sectors, including politics, local and national advocacy groups, major foundations, and large tech firms. Her work has informed public policy and decision-making on a variety of issues, including the environment and climate change, reproductive rights, education, and emerging technology initiatives.

She excels at taking complex research questions and identifying the right methodology and approach to produce actionable results. She is known for her ability to simplify complex data into actionable insights, and she spearheads internal efforts to refine methodology and explore innovative analytic approaches.

Corrie’s natural curiosity and love of learning led her to the field of psychology, where she was delighted to find that she could apply the scientific method to understanding what makes people tick and why they do what they do. Prior to joining Hart in 2011, she earned her PhD in social psychology at the University of Minnesota. Her research focused on the interplay between emotions, social beliefs, and values, and their impact on people’s attitudes and responses to persuasion. Corrie has expertise in social science methods, covering qualitative and quantitative techniques, experimental design, and advanced statistics.

Outside of work, Corrie calls the beautiful Pacific Northwest home, where she lives in Seattle with her husband and dog. She’s a science fiction enthusiast and loves all animals, especially bully breed dogs.