Livia Baer-Bositis, PhD

Sr. Research Analyst

Livia Baer-Bositis is a senior analyst at Hart Research, bringing more than eight years of research experience to her role. She is committed to social justice and reducing systemic inequities through data-driven solutions. Since joining Hart Research in 2022, she has undertaken various projects focused on measuring and tracking public opinion and testing messaging for nonprofits, member-based organizations, unions, and corporations.

Before joining Hart Research, Livia served as a research and teaching assistant at Stanford University, contributing to research projects spanning topics such as immigration, race and ethnicity, populism, and medical and political sociology. Her co-authored work has been published in journals such as PNAS, Current Opinion in Psychology, and Social Psychology Quarterly. Livia possesses extensive training and experience in both qualitative and quantitative research, along with expertise in applying causal inference methods through a combination of advanced statistical, quasi-experimental, and experimental design approaches. Her statistical analysis skills include proficiency in multiple regressions, modeling discrete choice and count outcomes, propensity score matching, and mediation and moderation analysis.

She holds an MA in sociology from Stanford University and a BA in biology from Northwestern University. She earned her PhD in sociology at Stanford, where her research specialized in gender, social psychology, and organizational behavior.