Victoria Sookoo

Survey Script Supervisor

Victoria Sookoo is our survey script supervisor. She plays an integral role in ensuring that Hart’s high standards of quality are met in its client-facing products, with an emphasis on quality assurance for public opinion surveys. She reviews them for content, readability, and programming logic, as well as leads the testing process for all phone and mixed-mode surveys to ensure logic flows correctly. She also manages survey content and testing-related communications between Hart and the phone survey vendors.

Victoria has particular expertise in editing and writing for varying subject areas. She interned as senior editor for BioLife Health Center, in which she edited 12 chapters of health-related material for their wellness publication The Conditions Afflicting the Body, Mind, and Soul of America. She also worked briefly as a copywriter for a cybersecurity-focused marketing firm.

She graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. Her hobbies include reading, exploring new music genres, and watching thriller mysteries.